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Dirty Little Secrets

We all have them and no one wants to share them… But when it comes to poisons and chemicals that are, really when you get down to it— just NOT necessary… Then I’ll be more than happy to share the beans 🙂 after all…this is Mrs Rodgers neighborhood! Before I start I...

The Weather and Fleas

Does the weather really matter when it comes to fleas? The answer is YES! Fleas love hot, humid sticky climates. Lucky for me, I live in Florida where we have that climate almost year round. Right now we are having unusually cold weather, just like the rest of the...

Flea Season in the South East

If you live in the South East, especially Florida, the weather has just been toying with the fleas and ticks. We have not yet had a hard enough cold snap or freeze to kill of the eggs … So they are just in hiding and ready to pounce! Be aware! Using a repellent like...
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