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If you live in the South East, especially Florida, the weather has just been toying with the fleas and ticks. We have not yet had a hard enough cold snap or freeze to kill of the eggs … So they are just in hiding and ready to pounce! Be aware! Using a repellent like ATLAST! Flea & Tick Spray will help ensure your dog doesn’t get infested quickly when they appear. Also, keep spraying your lawns! Our lawn spray is launching for sale April 1! Just in time for “season”. We spray our yard monthly- every three weeks really and spray Annie down a Couple times a week to keep those fleas off of her- we especially spray her down good before letting her go run in the park near our house…we don’t want her bringing anything home we didn’t send her there with 🙂
So don’t think you get a few months off of fleas and ticks down here… Or they will be knocking at your door before you know it!

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