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We all have them and no one wants to share them… But when it comes to poisons and chemicals that are, really when you get down to it— just NOT necessary… Then I’ll be more than happy to share the beans 🙂 after all…this is Mrs Rodgers neighborhood!

Before I start I want to make sure we all understand what a spot on treatment is…. It is a chemical that you squeeze out onto the spine I between the shoulder blades of your loved one. This goes SYSTEMICally into your dog and then exudes outward….the fleas and ticks must jump onto your dog then bite them in order for it to kill the flea and or tick by poisoning them.
Doesn’t sound very good to me…

Three dirty little secrets “spot on” treatment companies don’t tell you…

1. There is no reversal agent for your dog that the vet has to “save” your dog from an allergic reaction to it
2. There are MANY case reports of HORRIFIC side effects and or deaths from use of “spot on” treatments for fleas and ticks
3. If your children rub on your dog after you apply the “spot on” flea and tick treatment they too could be poisoned and reap horrible side effects from it

So before you use that treatment on your dog next month – think twice. Educate yourself. Try something new… There are organic alternatives that actually work… And they don’t have dirty little secrets 😉 ATLAST!

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