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It’s here, it’s here! Finally an alternative to the sign in your front yard with a circle and a line through it! We have launched our All Natural Lawn Spray- ATLAST! Lawn Spray. No more need for harsh chemicals on your lawn or around your home. No more scary looking circles with lines through them with pictures of kids and pets on them. You are safe with ATLAST! Lawn Spray – you won’t wither up like the witch on The Wizard of Oz and be exposed to toxic chemicals… You will just rid your yard of fleas and ticks and roaches and pretty much any non beneficial bugs. Bonus. So remember this flea season- quit dumping chemicals on your dog and your lawn…. Just spray your lawn with ATLAST! at least once a month- if I have mega dogs over and it’s summer and I live in florida I’m not afraid to hit the lawn twice during the month to help protect us all from the critters we don’t want in or around our house or on our dog. Remember the dog is the last place they go so just treating your dog doesn’t do the trick …. Treat your lane, vacuum your house, wash your dog beds and then spray your dog …with ATLAST! Flea and Tick Spray is perfect.

Ps. Also be aware of WHEN you spray your yard. If you did it and the next day it rained like crazy… You need to do it again…. In a perfect world you need to do it and give it atleast a day better for two so it can do its job before the rain gets to it!

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