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We believe that ATLAST!® Fly Spray for Horses and ATLAST!® Flea and Tick Spray for Dogs and Cats are the safest, most effective pest control treatment to keep flea free dogs and other loved pets. But don’t just take our word for it. If you want a flea free dog or cat, a fly free horse, read what some of our satisfied customers say:

“I never thought an organic product would come along that actually worked. Not only does it work, but my horses actually welcome the experience of being sprayed with it – my last product drove them crazy!”

– Mary, Ocala, FL

“Seems we learn yet one more lesson from nature … Great product!“

– Veronica, Estes, CO

“Simply the best product on the market! ATLAST!® is the only organic spray that I found actually works as advertised.”

– Greg, Oviedo, FL

“What a great product. I doubted it would be effective but IT IS! I am looking forward to your next line! Great work on a great product!”

– Gretchen, Tampa, FL

“I’m so happy to have found a real solution to pesky flies and bugs with all natural Atlast. No more harsh pesticides for me and my horses. Thank you, ATLAST!®, for creating such a great product and protecting my horses and our environment!”

– Shawna Harding, International Rider and Trainer

“My daughter was using ATLAST!® for her horse with success and I tried it on my dog – it works great to fight against the fleas with out the harsh chemicals I was using before! Thanks for ATLAST!®”

– Jane, Cincinnati, OH

“Amazing! This is the only product I will ever use when working with my client’s horses!”

– Michael Roberts, EqDT

“All of our horses, and most of the boarders horses use ATLAST!. Not only does it keep the flys away, but it smells great too!”

– Kelly King, Barn Manager at Annwyn Equestrian Center

“ATLAST! Fly Spray works great on the HUGE and vicious mosquitoes we have up here in Minnesota (our state bird). We also do wilderness expeditions to northern Minnesota where the Black Flies are almost unstoppable. ATLAST!® even kept them away! I was truly amazed! And to think, it’s all natural ta boot…”

– Mark Peterson, Horseman, Wildlife Behaviorist,

Wildlife Tracker and TV Personality

“This flea spray isn’t just for horses! It’s fantastic for dogs, cats, and ferrets, too! Even animals with health problems can safely use ATLAST!® Flea & Tick Spray! (I even use it on myself to repel mosquitoes at night…and I love the cedar scent. SO much nicer, and more effective, than those nasty-smelling chemical sprays!) Thanks for making such a great safe multi-use product!”

– Jo, Owner, Rainforest Pet Store, Cocoa, FL



Visit our Product Locator page to find ATLAST!® in a store near you, or click here to purchase online our natural products to help keep flea free dogs and pets.

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