A Safe & Natural Alternative to Pesticides…ATLAST!

Green Me Locally Review of ATLAST!

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The following is an excerpt from a review on Green Me Locally – “Beat the Bugs in a Natural Way with ATLAST” by · July 31, 2014

The summer season represents the fun times like swimming, camping, fishing, hiking, having picnics and well, spending lots of time outdoors. It is safe to say that while you’re having a good time, there are those pesky invaders always ready to crash your party- the uninvited guests we affectionately refer to as bugs.

There are lots of products on the market promising protection against mosquitos, fleas, ticks and an array of other biting bugs. But, it can be hard to choose which repellent is best for you. Today, we are reviewing the results of our tests for Mere’s ATLAST Bug Repellent…Read More



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